Our Big Sister Brand

Temperley London is our big sister brand and where our Somerset story all began. Epitomised by modern bohemianism with a confidence, feminine and effortless attitude, Temperley stays true to its British Heritage, pioneering artisan techniques and intricate hand-worked embelishment, an aesthetic synonymous with Alice's creative style.

In 2020, Alice moved her HQ to Phoenix Studios, situated in the main square of the picturesque Somerset town of Ilminster. The new headquarters house the brand's design atelier and a training workshop; a store offering current collections, archive pieces, Temperley bridal, Alice's personal edit of Somerset by Alice Temperley and of course a bar, The Somerset, which serves cocktails and cider from her parents' cider farm.

The brand currently operates fice standalone stores, including its flaghsip store in Somerset, as well as stores in Chelsea, Marbella, Dubai and a Briday Showroom in Fitzrovia.


Temperley Bridal is defined by ethereal, timeless silhouettes and is inspired by the romance and decadence of a bygone era.

The Temperley and Somerset collections sit proudly side-by-side on the Temperley website and in the flagship store in Ilminster: the Big Sister's sophistication and elegance perfectly offset by its Little Sister's carefree ways.